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I prefer not to
the joy of duck raincoats
September 01, 2010

Fairy Homes, Mackworth Island
August 19, 2010

We visited the Fairy Homes on Mackworth Island over the weekend. The two and the five year olds loved it (maybe not quite as much as the thirty-somethings).

portland greendrinks
August 09, 2010

We went to the Portland (ME you fools) greendrinks event tonight at the Portland Yacht Services building. It was a good time. We brought our own glasses and drank our fill for $2.

August 04, 2010

a walk to work, gay pride graffiti
July 20, 2010

The wife and kids snuck away to Presque Isle to spend some quality summer vacation time with the family. I've stayed behind trying to use some kid-free-nights to catch up on outstanding project work from the last two semesters (yes, I'm two semesters behind on my school work). I wrapped up last semester tonight and hope to wrap up last spring tomorrow. I was hoping to squeeze in some homework from my present semester, but I'm just too tired. One of the reasons I'm too tired is that I decided to walk to and from work today. This is part of my master plan to deal with my punishing work and school schedule using the counterintuitive time management strategy of taking MORE time to commute to work rather than less. My reasoning is that time spent walking is more conducive to thinking (more so than driving a car or biking) and that an extra two hours per day dedicated to nothing more than extended, solitary meditation will improve my mental health. I surmise that improved mental health coupled with this extended meditation time will make me more productive at work and school, not less. I'll be figuring things out all the while, walking and thinking of new ways to do things and whatnot. After all, Thomas Jefferson could not have been mistaken when he said "There is no habit you will value so much as that of walking far without fatigue." It all sounds good. But I'm too damn tired tonight to realize any extra-homework-productivity.

Tenants Harbor, ME
July 02, 2010

Amy & the girls spent the week in Tenants Harbor, ME. It's a beautiful place. It signals summer. It's special to us. It's where we got married. We've been climbing those rocks and jumping in the cold Atlantic and warming ourselves by that fire for 10 years.

po boys & pickles rocks
June 04, 2010

We just had lunch there...beer selection was fantastic...food even better...

This is Maine after all
May 31, 2010

May's weekend, Maine Roller Derby
May 22, 2010

The first ride is the best ride.
April 18, 2010

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