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I prefer not to

Goodbye Netflix, Children, Hiroshima, Mon Amour, etc.

We bought our biennial subscription to cable (hello Time Warner, fuck you I hate you) at the Cumberland County Fair. Who doesn’t buy their cable at the fair? This year it was $39.95 for a year of digital cable. Not as good as the $29.99 I got for basic cable two years ago, but better nonetheless than the $57.95 that they normally charge for garbage television. It’s a racket, we know it, paying anything for commercial television. But it’s better than ritualistic suicide or violent hard drinking, both things that come to mind on dark, raw February nights. So, we indulge ourselves as winter comes.

Slug mates: "almost beyond imagining."

Given their frequency, why shouldn’t two of my first five posts be about slugs?

Me Perturbe

It's not Mogadishu here.

The spotted garden slug.

The spotted garden slug.

Ticket sellers, bonded, $2.50 per seller per hour.

I went to church on Sunday with my wife and daughter. It was a catholic church, Sacred Heart, in Portland, Maine. It’s a great church, cavernous, lined with towering stained glass, some nice, big imposing steps and columns out front. It’s a little run down, but a decent spectacle, especially if you’re two (like my daughter).

It has to start somewhere

I've managed to get a site up and running...