Jacob Heric

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The fragmented world of Java web development

I spent the last couple years building rich internet applications in java. It’s been fun work but it’s a difficult, fragmented and rapidly changing landscape for Java web development. The release of JEE 6 brought a lot of powerful rapid development features into the fold (especially from Spring & Seam). But, the release does nothing to forecast any stability in the tech and tools for doing that kind of java development. In fact, the rise of the RIA and the return to a more client-server oriented application architecture signals that maybe the most crucial technologies for java web development (flex, javascript, etc.) have little to do with java and will never be incorporated into an EE spec.

So, while I rejoiced that a lot of the things I’ve been using over the last year (annotations configuration of web & data model components, dependency injection, JSF view templating) all made their way into the spec, I’m sure it’ll do nothing to slow the pace of new tech I’ll be learning in RIA over the next year.

If nothing else though, it’ll hopefully make doing things in a Spring and/or Seam way a lot easier when I get pulled back into the J2EE cob webs of larger shop jobs.