Jacob Heric

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Autobiography of Joker So Far by Jacob Heric
Autobiography of Joker So Far by Jacob Heric Book Cover
Out of the ordinary folds of middle America, comes a teenage obscura with a penchant for pain. Joseph Kare, aka Joker, wakes up one day to find himself squarely in the crosshairs of cultural change.
For Joker, ditching high school in America’s heartland comes with dire consequences. His first dilemma is to run damage control - a rumor spreads after last night’s party. His next dilemma is Cass. Somehow she’s at the center of the rumor. Soon she will be at the center of his life too. She will be more important than the friends he double-deals, more important than the escalating threats to his life, more important than his future. Wily, wicked, and weird, Joker navigates his adolescence according to his own rules. With imprecise prose, screwball scheming and, ultimately, stubborn brilliance, Joker hurtles himself to the extremes of his boyish world, where he attempts to escape his own demise while celebrating the marvelous, awkward, bitter-sweet tang of a teenage life. True.