Jacob Heric

I prefer not to
The first ride is the best ride.
April 18, 2010

That first ride is the best ride. I pulled the drive train off the little green bike (the "magna", thanks China) and Rosa tooled around without pedals for a few days. Balance. Then I popped 'em back on and away she went. Well, first she rode a few cautious feet in the driveway (repeat 47 times). Then she took the show into the road where she melted down with desire and frustration to do it on her own. Then, we tried in front of our friend Josh's house (who took the video, thanks Josh). As you can see the grade was perfect. She picked her feet up and went.
The smile was big and the pride was priceless and she has not stopped pedaling since. Later that night she asked me, "what do you think about me riding on two wheels?" I think it's about perfect.