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May's weekend, Maine Roller Derby
May 22, 2010

Maine Roller Derby Pics/Vids

It's been an awful while since I posted last (insert tree falls in woods comment here). I've been busy harried lately with full-time contract work, part time graduate work & student teaching. It's actually been kind of fun, if exhausting, doing so much. Despite all that, we did manage to sneak out to a Maine Roller Derby event last weekend.

Rosa spent a special weekend with her Nana (thank you Nana) and we kicked it old school with just one kid for the weekend. It's been a long time since we had only one in our charge, and I've got to admit the difference was striking. We grabbed some pizza and beer for lunch on Saturday at the brand new Siano's in the old port (neighborhood pride dictated we check it out, since the original Siano's is in our backyard), and chasing one versus two proved to be downright relaxing.

We then headed out to the Maine Roller Derby. It was our first time doing Maine Roller Derby and I simply can't overstate what good entertainment it was and what a good time we had. The Calamity Janes handled the Petticoat Punishers with ease and grace and some clearly superior coordinated team defense. The quality of the sport was amazing and the atmosphere was fun and funny and family friendly. We had beers and fries and we had a great time, staying right through to the post bout (is that the right word?) awards ceremony. There was a great mix of people in attendance too, urban and rural, young and old. I don't want to read too much into recreation, but the event was a great celebration of funkiness and girl-power and that's definitely the kind of atmosphere I want my two young daughters to grow up in. Cheers Maine Roller Derby.